Saturday, 3 September 2011

Summer Days

I have wanted to have my own blog for about a year now.  I really enjoy writing and there's always something happening in our house that would make you chuckle - it may not make me chuckle until a few days after the fact though!  What happened then?  It seems that as soon as I just went with it and created my space, everything funny and inspirational ceased.

We did find out that our princess is not allergic to milk, and incidentally, she's not allergic to wood either.  We didn't have to take her to the allergist to find out the latter, just left her alone in the living room with the coffee table.  She also went for her first swim and drank a little pool water.  Too bad she didn't have the pool water last night when she was trying to swallow the wood.  She and Aedan have a sibling rivalry going on like none I've seen before, especially for a little girl who's so young.  She really can handle herself, we'll have to work on lady likeness later...

Aedan is our clown.  He has an active imagination and a very grown up way of talking to us.  The other day he was playing make believe and assigned us all to be animals - Daddy was a puppy, Nanny was a kitty and Mommy was a cow...

The older boys and I spent an afternoon at the public pool last week. It was a beautiful day, the sun was warm, there were no clouds in the sky, and there was no shade for me to sit under....did I mention that I forgot my sunscreen?  The boys were having such a great time, the hour I promised turned into two.  The showed me how they could jump in off the side and swim across the pool.  I missed so much last summer that I wanted to watch them splash around without a care in the world. The problem began about eight o'clock that evening, when I realized that I had the worst burn I'd gotten in's been ten days and I'm just starting to heal.

We've also decided to adopt two adult golden retrievers named Jake and Rex...which has started the battle over which dog belongs to which boy.  I've told them that it doesn't matter to me who gets which one as long as whoever does brushes, feeds and walks him.  I think they'll make a wonderful addition to our family.

One thing is for sure, our summer's been full. We spent all but three weeks of last summer in the hospital, leaving our boys to enjoy the summer without us.  This year we enjoyed it together, with our special little addition home with us and in the middle of everything :-)