Sunday, 5 August 2012

Just a Camping Tale

I hate camping.  No one was more surprised than me by the words that came out of my mouth a few weeks back.  "Let's go camping!!"  I looked around to see who said it and realized it was me.  We planned the whole thing forgetting we had two dogs.  Good thing for us, the lady who looks after them when we go away likes them and took them for us last minute.  With that detail taken care of, we packed up the van, used our roof bag for the first time ever and set off for three nights of sleeping on the ground!

The tent went up easier that we first thought, and that was great considering we had never taken it out of the box before arriving at the campground.  The kids had a great time, roasting hotdogs (which Aedan ate raw because they took to long to cook on a stick),  marshmallows, and Logan's shoes...He was really careful after we told him that the rim of the firebowl gets hot.

I took Elizabeth to the bathroom to get her ready for bed and that's when the real fun began.  She was laying on the counter while I changed her diaper and got her jammies on, a lady walked in and said, "Hi honey".  So Elizabeth said, "Hi honey" back to her.  'Honey' went into one of the stalls, pretty soon Elizabeth was yelling, "Mommy, honey peein' ".  I tried to be quiet and said, "yes dear" but that wasn't a satisfactory answer to our very intelligent two year old.  She continued to yell "Honey peein'" until the lady in the stall acknowledged that she too heard her.  So thankful that the woman found it funny.  I trekked red-faced back to the tent site and told the story to my husband who laughed hysterically (which I'm sure had something to do with the fact that it wasn't him trying to quiet her down in there). 

We packed the kids in the tent because one wouldn't go to sleep without the other, and by the time an hour passed the older boys were getting really frustrated with their younger brother.  They thought the best way to get him to settle down was to scare him (makes sense to me).  They told him if he didn't stop talking that a monster would get him.  Well, Elizabeth heard this and pulled her blanket up over her head.  She peeked out from behind it and said, "Cookie Monster get me!!" He's the only monster she knows.  She's now terrified of Sesame Street.  Thanks guys! 

It's the first time we've done anything as a family since Elizabeth was born that really was worry free.  Last year I was too nervous to take her more than a couple hours from her doctors.  What a blessing that time was!  I can now say I love camping....we're going again in a couple of weeks with some good friends.  I will be buying an air mattress this time :-)

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  1. You are a brave lady!!! Four kids, three nights in a tent and no air mattress!! Sounds like lots of great memories for everyone...even the lady in the washroom... LOL!!!!